Asking Eco about his role in zuccotti, what the park meant, what has happened since the park, this is what he said:

I have been dreaming about this for years.

collaborated with Bill Henry an 80 year old longtime pacifist

I followed Zuccotti and it’s happenings on livestream before September 17th

I brought my rainbow hammock and conk shell

In the park, was a place of mindfulness, social forum. Some of us have decided to reinvent the game. Who were these people who were not zombies? When I looked out for the people I found rainbow, burning man, and Zuccotti park

I was there with a respect for all, to create a safe place. I was involved in  environmental solidarity and alternative currency.

The heart of OWS was the GA, the thread, the pulse of all that was happening.

We got to remember our roots, sounding the call

Since Zuccotti park Eco has been building his home in Wassaic to be an intentional community, an occupy farm, a place of rest for hardgrounders, activists of all kinds fighting for a better world. Helping to build the solution while supporting those working to change the system. Another piece of the puzzle.


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