Micheal Occupy Tesla

In asking Micheal about his role in the park, what was the park like, what did it mean for him and what about now, how has the experience changed his outlook,  path, this is what he said:

Role in the park- Shrine guardian, I took care of the shrine at the tree of life. People were able to be happy, healed, people could practice any religion, we are all on the same path, no one wrong. There were 2 alters, people donated lots of beautiful pieces and I maintained all of them, made the tree of life a sacred space where everyone was welcomed and calmed.

Ever since then a lot of things have changed. I realized a lot more people are similar to me, understand the same views I do. I met a lot of spiritual people walking down different spiritual paths. I cannot stop going for this movement. Always I am meeting new people who want to live more sustainable, scientists worldwide. Science can prevail over monetary. Since starting occupy Tesla I have met all kinds of people with all kinds of ideas on how to live the solution.

What’s more important, wanting a job, wanting someone else to create more jobs or creating resources you need to live, electricity, food, purify your own water ect…

The park taught, there are ways to be free, it gave exposure to these ideas, it’s possible, we can do it. Build a battery bank, passive solar, what’s the best way to farm. Knowledge is one part but then to get out and do it. Uplift one another or it’s just an idea in your head.

All you have to do is open your eyes and find all these people.


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