i asked Felix about the park, his experiences, his role, the effect the park had on his life now, this is what he said:


speaking of being awakened

The Zuccotti experience where you get 10 hugs while going to brush your teeth in the morning.

Not because you have good intentions means you were awakened. If you didn’t turn your back and leave everything behind for this movement you were not awakened.

We have to teach people to cross that portal. A lot of people don’t do it because their afraid. It’s the unknown.

I’m not making a judgement. The awakening is a reality that has to be experienced.

Speaking of all the different groups in the park and how we need to all come together, we are all one-

We can eventually reach that level of love, compassion, not just understand. Have compassion keep us connected with all groups. We have to meet each other where we are.

Empathy takes a lot of work. When you reach compassion it’s just so effortless. It doesn’t mean the rest of the people will be awakened, chances are everyone will not be awakened.

The lower Zuccotti kids, to gay squat, to Trinitarians, street kids, who stay in the park.

the GA people the people who don’t stay in the park all the time

Conflict is necessary for evolution of the conscience if we didn’t have all this social inequality we wouldn’t have a chance to think about it. The ring of fire, have some disadvantages we wouldn’t be forced to think about these problems.

Speaking of his role in the park-

One of my roles at the park was to give out flowers. I would buy them at a flower shop on Chambers that had lots of different colors blue, purple, yellow, fuchsia, red, all types. I would get a huge bouquet and then go to the park and hand them out to people. I also did a lot of work behind the scenes. I worked for vocal NY and along with other groups were behind some of the actions in the park. Other groups I also worked with were housing works, NYCC, Queerocricy, Help Gap.

We had a robin hood tax action were we dressed up like robin hood. Costumes were made by a French artist living in SanFranscico. I stole one and I kept it for myself. I wore it in the park all the time. I was the Robin hood in the park. People would also call me peter pan or Tinkerbell. I was the guy giving flowers, working with queer issues, I’m the one who brings smiles to people in the park. Always a fairy in the park so I guess that’s the role for me, a fairy

Speaking of where he is now, since the park-

and now when I am not here in NYC I am living in a queer commune in Tennessee, a fairy, growing my wings, living in a hobbit house in the woods.



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