So now that the veggie oil system is fixed on the bus we will be looking for veggie oil everywhere we go. We started the search right away on the way home from the farm. We passed a sushi place and decided we would stop in to ask if we could take their oil. We had been around the back of the building first to check out the oil they had and it looked good and it was full.

A few of us walked into the place and a miracle occurred, they said yes, it was a family owned business and we could see the whole family worked there. We had asked the person at the front desk which was a young boy and he said yes, sure, it was the first time I had such luck finding veggie oil, if it was only always this easy.

We pulled the bus around back and hooked up the hose, turned the pump on and waited while it filled up.


checking for oil quality


The grate on the top of the waste oil container. Theres lots of different set ups for veggie oil containers, this one is easy to just put in the hose and turn on the pump


The oil is kept with the rest of the garbage


filling up on veggie oil from the waste vegetable oil container at a sushi restaurant


It took about a half hour to fill up and that meant 50 gallons of oil


To say thank you we brought them in some occupy info and Jay bought a few appetizers and we were on our way back to the city with a storage tank full of oil.

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