This is the second Occupy Bus Tour blog on WordPress. We used up the space on the first free blog with all the photos we uploaded, and so we needed to expand to another free blog. All the content of the first blog is still online at https://occupybustour.wordpress.com

The Occupy Bus Tour is a reality because of a dream that Stacy has. In true Occupy fashion she has brought her dream to her community, and her community has responded by helping her enact her dream.

The Occupy Bus Tour will be journeying cross-continent and back again. We will travel to many protest actions, Occupy encampments and cities, and Native American/First Nation lands. We bring with us everything Occupiers can bring. We will be serving vegan/vegetarian food, providing street medical care, dispensing activist literature, giving comfort supplies to those in need, doing our own protest actions, livestreaming everything and everywhere, and much more — all free in the spirit of Occupy, solidarity and mutual aid.

Stay with us, follow us on this blog (and soon, our website occupybustour.mayfirst.org ), and email us if you have a bus and want to join us. We would like nothing more than to gather lots of Occupier buses along the way, and then scare the bejeezus out of Wall Street when we all come rollin’ back in to New York City.

Donate to the Occupy Bus Tour

::donate to the tour::


short URL : http://bit.ly/UlovT6


Please donate to Blackheart Street Medic: We are in need of medical supplies



Donate to BlackHeart Street Medic

As a gift to everyone, Ed, the BlackHeart Street Medic, has made Crow Feathers, his book of poetry, available for free download in .pdf format. If you like his street medic work, or you like his poetry, or maybe you just like him, then please consider donating to keep Ed going as a full-time activist, street medic, independent journalist, street librarian and hard-ground Occupier.

Download Crow Feathers, Ed’s book of poetry, free at:


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