Filling up on veggie oil

So now that the veggie oil system is fixed on the bus we will be looking for veggie oil everywhere we go. We started the search right away on the way home from the farm. We passed a sushi place and decided we would stop in to ask if we could take their oil. We had been around the back of the building first to check out the oil they had and it looked good and it was full.

A few of us walked into the place and a miracle occurred, they said yes, it was a family owned business and we could see the whole family worked there. We had asked the person at the front desk which was a young boy and he said yes, sure, it was the first time I had such luck finding veggie oil, if it was only always this easy.

We pulled the bus around back and hooked up the hose, turned the pump on and waited while it filled up.


checking for oil quality


The grate on the top of the waste oil container. Theres lots of different set ups for veggie oil containers, this one is easy to just put in the hose and turn on the pump


The oil is kept with the rest of the garbage


filling up on veggie oil from the waste vegetable oil container at a sushi restaurant


It took about a half hour to fill up and that meant 50 gallons of oil


To say thank you we brought them in some occupy info and Jay bought a few appetizers and we were on our way back to the city with a storage tank full of oil.

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Getting ready for a festival at the Arc

This past weekend the Arc held its first festival, partly as a fundraiser for the farm, partly as a business venture for the 4 organizers. We left to go back to Wall Street for the weekend but we were here while they were setting up. It was starting to come together, the mountain was cleaned up and they were decorating and setting up for the event. It would be a weekend to escape into the woods and get closer to the land.


at the bottom of the mountain an area was cleared out and all the dead wood burned to make way for parking for the festival

walking up the mountain to help set up

walking up the mountain to help set up

setting up the kitchen area

setting up the kitchen area

Chickens waiting for their new home to be built

Chickens waiting for their new home to be built

compost bin

compost bin

tent building

tent building

painting for making some directional signs

painting for making some directional signs

the wigwam

the wigwam being set up for Avalon


the area being set up for the chickens

We also had a few days to just visit with everyone at the farm


our bus had a little visitor


Felix decides to stay on the farm when we leave back to NY. We will miss Felix but had so much fun having him join the tour for a while

Jay shows me the space he made into an office in the north barn

Jay shows me the space he made into an office in the north barn

Jay with his computer

Jay with his computer

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The Veggie oil system is finally fixed

After our last attempt failed, fix #278 Dr. Dave told us to meet him in North East Pennsylvania. We were in New Haven at the time so not to far away, we had just enough money for the diesel to get there and we hoped it would be fixed after that so we were on our way, leaving a few days to get there not knowing how long it would take Godzilla, we never knew what to expect.

We left New Haven we drove for a couple of hours and stopped to find diesel but we were in the middle of no where and the station was closed so we decided to stop for the night. We slept in the parking lot, woke up, made coffee, had breakfast, Ed ran a new line for the veggie to see if it would help. The store employee came out to talk to us and we told him what we were doing and that we would be leaving but we were moving slow, he seemed fine but soon after a cop shows up and after checking a few id’s we were on our way. I bought diesel on our way out and still the veggie oil worked no better so it was diesel all the way until we saw Dr. Dave

We drove to Delaware water gap national park and slept there. I fell asleep to the sound of the waterfall. The next day we spent wandering the trails, seeing the waterfalls and a few caves, searching for more.


on the trails


The bus parked at the Delaware river gap


the opening to a cave we found


from inside the cave


Katrina on the occupy bus tour for a stay in front of the waterfall


me and felix


Rain and Felix looking for a way across the water. Felix and Rain also on the occupy bus tour for a stay. 5 of us in all


Felix getting ready to cross the river


Rain getting across the river. They went exploring for more caves on the other side


The Delaware river gap was such a beautiful place. Much different from only a few miles away where there was a Wal-Mart and a Lowes surrounded by other stores and the Lowe’s parking lot is where we ended up meeting Dr. Dave the next day.


Dr. Dave checking everything out


outside and inside, trying to figure out exactly what the problem is




looking for air bubbles


spending the day on the bus at Lowes, while Dr. Dave works on the bus


So what ended up happening was that everything was checked out and looked good, it should have been working but it still wasn’t. We spent the day with Dr. Dave at times hanging off the front of the bus and me driving it as fast as I could in the parking lot until it died and then him jumping underneath the car to see what he could see.

He ended up replacing the valve and running another fuel line after checking every other possibility first and that seemed to fix the problem. So now we call Dr. Dave, the Anne Sullivan of veggie oil system’s, in other words, the miracle worker


So we were on our way, back to the city and beyond, now that the veggie oil system is working reliably, we can go anywhere.

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Jose- The Herald of liberty square


I asked Jose about the park, his role, how it changed him, what is he doing now, here’s what he said:

An ex-marine.At zucotti he was the Herald, speaking the message, speaking out loud to whoever would hear it in his military uniform and anonymous mask. I wore my Marine uniform illustrating where I came from and I am still out here.   I was waiting for this to happen, for people to come together, So I came to Zuccotti. Everyone on the same path, financial, market issues, disagreements, involvement with international relationships.  Zuccotti was an alternative source of information, sharing of information, with love, people started to realize everythings fucked up and people were coming together. I went from shy and timid to walking around on the subways and talking to people for months. A profound experience.

While I was out there problems I saw, people eating out to the garbage cans. I got to go out to the farm,to find a way to feed people, keep people together, grow our own food. It was always the next step in my mind. Eventually the opportunity came about to work on the next step, farming, growing our own food, working together.

To me the park was a growing experience a way for a lot of people to get together and communicate. Everyone wanted to change the world for the better. A lot of it was protesting, speaking out, spreading awareness. I disagree with yelling, hate, aggression, towards the police.

Jose was in the park from the first time I got there until we no longer had the park, I saw him all winter, working on outreach around wall street and on the subways, once Trinity started he was there at Occupy Trinity in the beginning and soon after Trinity started is when he went to the farm and there he stayed.

Along with taking it to the next step for him at the farm it was also a little bit of burn out, tired of police harassment and arrests.

Along with working on the farm Jose also started studying the legal process, understanding roles in contract. ” I really wanted to know what was going on in the court”.

Forever evolving for everyone who experienced it

So Jose came, heard the call and came to Zuccotti, did not give up, stayed, evolving along the way and eventually finding himself at the farm, building a community, learning to farm, live sustainably, finding work doing what he is interested in and wants to learn more about. He works on another organic farm in town where he is learning just what it takes to grow all your own food and in his spare time studying the legal process, which I can’t even understand hearing him try to explain it to me, it just sounds like a foreign language.

Everyone still finding their piece of the puzzle in this movement

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Protesting 1 Wall Street, BNY-Mellon

Sitting atop the slope that is Wall Street is a 50-story, white limestone, art deco skyscraper that is the global headquarters of BNY-Mellon, an investment bank.

“Every day, every time a state pension fund traded, the bank would steal approximately three tenths of one percent from every transaction.  As an example, every time a pension fund bought a currency what the Bank of New York would do is look back twenty hours and assign all of the state pension funds purchase transactions at the high of the day.

 Every time a state pension fund tried to sell a currency they would assign them a price at the lows of the day and the bank would pocket the difference.  The bank has done this for not years, but for decades, every business day for decades.  This bank didn’t learn to steal just ten years ago, they’ve been doing it for many decades.” -Harry Markopolos, Whistleblower

BNY-Mellon stole billions of dollars. At the end of the court case they were forced to pay the whistleblowers 1.1 million dollars, and promise to be honest with their dealings regarding state pension plans. Nobody went to jail. None of the money was repaid — even though BNY-Mellon can well afford to re-pay all of the stolen money.

It was as if you stole several thousand dollars from a friend, another friend told on you, you gave that friend a dollar and ten cents, and then everything was hunky-dory. They couldn’t have made more money legally. That kind of justice is telling BNY-Mellon that they did a good job and they should do it again.

The Occupy Bus Tour is back in New York City and we wanted to stream Jenna Pope’s talk on her trip to Gezi Park live from Liberty Park. Those videos are here :,, and


Jenna Pope presenting her talk on Gezi Park and Turkey in Liberty Park (aka Zuccotti Park)

After the talk, when half the crowd went to the Blarney Stone, and half the crowd stayed in the park, I went over to 1 Wall Street to occupy Wall Street for the night. Up to this point in time nobody has been able to stay on that sidewalk for the entire night. I ended up staying all night and all day. It simply was a matter of having the will to exercise my unalienable rights.

But before I occupied 1 Wall Street, I went down to the corner of Broad and Wall, where the New York Stock Exchange sits, and did a short standing-man protest — bearing witness to the crimes of greed perpetrated within the confines of that building that have devastated the ecology of the world.


Standing-Man protest outside the New York Stock Exchange

Parts of my time occupying 1 Wall Street was streamed live also, and starts here There are 18 videos to the BNY-Mellon Protest, too many to list here. They are all on my Hard-Grounder Ustream channel.

My occupation protest at 1 Wall Street, and Stacey’s occupation protest at 2 Wall Street (TD Bank, largest funder of the KXL Pipeline), demonstrated that we can, and should be, protesting on Wall Street. We can, and should be, occupying Wall Street. The daily crowds of workers and the steady stream of tourists by the thousands mean our message can go far and wide around the world. Our presence reminds the executives of their crimes, and bolsters the confidence of the workers to blow the whistle on their corrupt bosses. There is no reason not to be occupying Wall Street if one calls oneself a member of Occupy Wall Street.

Of course, security for the bank tried to evict me. But since I know my rights I can exercise them to the fullest — and I did. You can too. It really is painless, and a lot of fun!

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The continuing occupation of Wall Street

Brookfield Security. Always watching us

Brookfield Security. Always watching us

Each weekend we drive the bus to Wall Street and there we stay until Late Sunday night when we have to find another spot. Since even before June 1st, the called for reoccupation, we were there, and still we are helping to Occupy Wall Street. Each Saturday in Solidarity with Turkey, Greece, and now Brazil people have come to the park to rally and when they leave there are still a group of people who stay, always, to occupy, sleeping anywhere from in the park, across the street from the park, at any of the banks in the financial area and at Trinity, at the head of Wall Street.

Rain and Katrina helped with the occupy bus tour info. The info was set up on Saturday and Sunday in the park

Rain and Katrina helped with the occupy bus tour info. The info was set up on Saturday and Sunday in the park

The banner reads- ideas for a better world, with sharpies inviting anyone to write down their ideas

The banner reads- ideas for a better world, with sharpies inviting anyone to write down their ideas

Occupying seems to be starting out much like last summer did. I remember getting off the bus in NYC late June and going to Trinity where only a handful of people were staying and sleeping. As the summer went on more and more people came to Occupy Wall Street. This summer around June 1st there were only a handful of people, at this time there are at least 15 people sleeping around the financial district each night, at the park during the day, holding signs, sleeping with signs.

In front of trinity

In front of trinity

Sleep spot at Bank Mellon

Sleep spot at BNY- Mellon, 1 Wall St.

The secuity guards in front of the bank telling Ed he has to move, he ends up moving to a different part of the sidewalk to ensure he isn't under an overhang from the building but a supreme court federal ruling states it is legal to hold a sleepful protest on public sidewalk as long as you do not take up more than 50% of the sidewalk

The security guards in front of the bank telling Ed he has to move, he ends up moving to a different part of the sidewalk to ensure he isn’t under an overhang from the building but a supreme court federal ruling states it is legal to hold a sleepful protest on public sidewalk as long as you do not take up more than 50% of the sidewalk


The new spot in front of BNY- Mellon Bank

Info set up in front of trinity, at the head of Wall Street

Info set up in front of trinity, at the head of Wall Street


It is the time of year where no matter what time I go to the park I will likely see someone around and if we stay in the park a group starts to form, people pass by and see a familiar face and stay, catch up, find out what is going on in the near future. We will soon need to add marching to Wall Street. It’s only a block away, so come to the park because in order to have a mass movement and build momentum we need you, and you, and you, and if your not near Wall Street, start where you are, take public space, get together, start talking, start marching. Another world is possible so start building it.

IB with his info set up, between the occupy bus tour info and occupy wall street info we had lots of information. Ib's info is a lot of the actions and groups going on in the city and the occupy bus tour info are occucards, GMO label it yourself stickers and info on GMO food.

IB with his info set up, between the occupy bus tour info and occupy wall street info we had lots of information. Ib’s info is a lot of the actions and groups going on in the city and the occupy bus tour info are occucards, GMO label it yourself stickers and info on GMO food.


In our hearts set up in front of the steps of liberty square


Some of the protestors in solidarity with Turkey, Greece, and Brazil


Somewhere music is always going on in Zuccotti


Protesting in front of BNY-Mellon Bank, 1 Wall St.


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In Zuccotti with Turkey, Greece & Brazil

Zuccotti Park was the scene of a rally on Saturday, June 22, in solidarity with the protests in Turkey, Greece and Brazil. There have been ongoing rallies in support of the Turkish uprising at Zuccotti Park or Union Square every day for the past few weeks. About two weeks ago the Greek contingent joined their Turk comrades. Now, the Brazilian community has come out to join them. Around the world more and more people are rising up. There are mass protests in a growing number of countries, from Italy to El Salvador, from France to Ecuador, from Bulgaria to Mexico people are no longer remaining silent. Now is the time, yo. Stop watching TV, get off your couch, get into the streets and take control of your future before it is too late. Fight back against the people destroying the ecology of the world because they are eradicating everyone’s abundance, health and happiness.

Remember, this is supposed to be the land of the free and home of the brave — act like it, yo. Zuccotti Park is filling up with protestors from around the world . . . where are you, and why? It is all well and good to rally in support of the people rising up around the world, but when are you going to rise up?

Occupy Wall Street, the hard-grounder version, has been in the park every day since June 1st. The (re)Occupation continues even as the fair-weather activists continue to meet at the local bar, fueling their denial of the principles of OWS with alcohol. Don’t be fooled — the real Occupiers are in the park at the Info Station, the Screen-printing Station, the People’s Library, the Medic station and more. The real Occupy Wall Street can be seen dumpstering supper in the evening and making cardboard beds in the night all around Wall Street — the center of the occupation. The real Occupy Wall Street can be seen wakingOccupy Wall Street is home in the park expressing their solidarity with the peoples of the world who are rising up. We are still here! Just sayin’.


Rain, Katrina O., & Jordan in the foreground left, Matt of Stop Motion Solo in the center midground


Brookfield Security — they don’t like Occupy Wall Street.


Rain & Katrina O., of Occupy Bus Tour, Occupy Deland (Florida), Occupy Wall Street and many more Occupations up and down the East Coast


Expressions of solidarity can only come about if the people can assemble freely in parks.


Security . . . I wish they’d have some smoothies and chill out. This event was very sedate and peaceful.


The Unions have always maintained a presence at the New York City Occupations.






Greek and Turkish supporters together!


The uprisings around the globe will fill Zuccotti Park with people demanding massive change now


Anonymous comes in all colors.


Brazil, Greece, and Turkey united with Occupy Wall Street!


The Voice of The People.




The Occupy Bus Tour Info Station in Liberty Park (aka Zuccotti Park), maintained by Rain & Katrina O..


Occupiers all around — how many do you know?


Captain and Mariya at the Medic Station


Jerry in the center, Jordan and Star to the left, I.B. to the right, the multi-country protest all around


Yes, it is!

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The (re)Occupation of Wall Street, 06/01/2013, Part 2

More photos from the (re)Occupation of June 1st, as promised. Sorry it took so long.


Kyle set up Sanitation for the (re)Occupation.


The NYPD read about the FaceBook event and were set up and ready for us.


Part of the crowd


More of the crowd


The bus parked at 100 Broadway.


The NYPD guarding the bus.


Bedding down for the night on the sidewalk outside Trinity Wall Street Church


The NYPD guarding Liberty Park (aka Zuccotti Park)


The night sidewalk on Broadway opposite Wall Street


More Occupiers bedding down around Wall Street


Left to right: Angry Pacifist, Laura, Josh.


Some Occupiers stayed awake in the park all night long.


Making music in the park while the NYPD hovers always close by.


A sleepful protest at TD Bank, 2 Wall Street.


As the night goes on the sidewalk fills up in front of Trinity Wall Street Church


I.B. reclaims his spot.


Mouse wishes us “peace”


Laura and JuJu.


The sunrise brought a flood of uniforms to roust Occupiers and try to disperse them.


Timoney getting orders from downtown on how to proceed.


The NYPD trying to make Stacey & Felix move from their protest at TD Bank, 2 Wall Street


The illegal harassment across the street at Trinity continues . . .


Explaining our rights and the reality of the situation to deaf ears.


More White Shirts arrive to attempt to intimidate Stacey & Felix.


White Shirts, Blue Shirts and Detectives crowd around Stacey & Felix as Will arrives to give support


The NYPD keeps trying to move Stacey, but she knows her rights and does not obey the illegal order to disperse.


Note the Downtown Alliance vehicle — the Downtown Alliance wages a war against homeless people in the Financial District.


More police and more Occupiers stand off as Stacey & Felix continue to protest despite orders to disperse.


The stand-off continues . . .


We will not be moved!


No fear!


We have to explain the situation to the NYPD over and over again because they have a lot of trouble understanding “no”.


While back across the street at Trinity the sidewalk fills up with police.


The NYPD trying to look like they have control of the situation, but they have no control at all.


The sidewalk at Trinity still occupied.


Unable to move any of the Occupiers, the NYPD turns their attention to our bus . . .


Felix went to protect the bus, and is immediately detained without cause.


White Shirts and Detectives circle the bus.


The NYPD discussing how much they are willing to break the law in order to prevent us from exercising our unalienable rights.


Not a single sign of intelligent life behind those badges.


The picture of ignorance.


Stacey wins! The protest continues. Just say “No!” to unlawful orders!


Back at Liberty Park the special forces of the NYPD stand guard and try to be intimidating.


Cops, cops and more cops . . . the 1% are frightened!


This is what fear looks like — the fear of the 1%: that the 99% gets together and realizes another world is possible.


It is not a free city that has “Community Affairs” officers ready to kill.


Solidarity with the 99% in Turkey.


From Gezi Park to Zuccotti Park, we are all One.


Turkish-Americans protest in support of Gezi Park and Occupy Wall Street.


You are not alone! And you are not a loan, either.


The park alive with free people again!

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Felix- A fairy in the park


i asked Felix about the park, his experiences, his role, the effect the park had on his life now, this is what he said:


speaking of being awakened

The Zuccotti experience where you get 10 hugs while going to brush your teeth in the morning.

Not because you have good intentions means you were awakened. If you didn’t turn your back and leave everything behind for this movement you were not awakened.

We have to teach people to cross that portal. A lot of people don’t do it because their afraid. It’s the unknown.

I’m not making a judgement. The awakening is a reality that has to be experienced.

Speaking of all the different groups in the park and how we need to all come together, we are all one-

We can eventually reach that level of love, compassion, not just understand. Have compassion keep us connected with all groups. We have to meet each other where we are.

Empathy takes a lot of work. When you reach compassion it’s just so effortless. It doesn’t mean the rest of the people will be awakened, chances are everyone will not be awakened.

The lower Zuccotti kids, to gay squat, to Trinitarians, street kids, who stay in the park.

the GA people the people who don’t stay in the park all the time

Conflict is necessary for evolution of the conscience if we didn’t have all this social inequality we wouldn’t have a chance to think about it. The ring of fire, have some disadvantages we wouldn’t be forced to think about these problems.

Speaking of his role in the park-

One of my roles at the park was to give out flowers. I would buy them at a flower shop on Chambers that had lots of different colors blue, purple, yellow, fuchsia, red, all types. I would get a huge bouquet and then go to the park and hand them out to people. I also did a lot of work behind the scenes. I worked for vocal NY and along with other groups were behind some of the actions in the park. Other groups I also worked with were housing works, NYCC, Queerocricy, Help Gap.

We had a robin hood tax action were we dressed up like robin hood. Costumes were made by a French artist living in SanFranscico. I stole one and I kept it for myself. I wore it in the park all the time. I was the Robin hood in the park. People would also call me peter pan or Tinkerbell. I was the guy giving flowers, working with queer issues, I’m the one who brings smiles to people in the park. Always a fairy in the park so I guess that’s the role for me, a fairy

Speaking of where he is now, since the park-

and now when I am not here in NYC I am living in a queer commune in Tennessee, a fairy, growing my wings, living in a hobbit house in the woods.



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Eco- Sounding the call


Asking Eco about his role in zuccotti, what the park meant, what has happened since the park, this is what he said:

I have been dreaming about this for years.

collaborated with Bill Henry an 80 year old longtime pacifist

I followed Zuccotti and it’s happenings on livestream before September 17th

I brought my rainbow hammock and conk shell

In the park, was a place of mindfulness, social forum. Some of us have decided to reinvent the game. Who were these people who were not zombies? When I looked out for the people I found rainbow, burning man, and Zuccotti park

I was there with a respect for all, to create a safe place. I was involved in  environmental solidarity and alternative currency.

The heart of OWS was the GA, the thread, the pulse of all that was happening.

We got to remember our roots, sounding the call

Since Zuccotti park Eco has been building his home in Wassaic to be an intentional community, an occupy farm, a place of rest for hardgrounders, activists of all kinds fighting for a better world. Helping to build the solution while supporting those working to change the system. Another piece of the puzzle.


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