I asked Jose about the park, his role, how it changed him, what is he doing now, here’s what he said:

An ex-marine.At zucotti he was the Herald, speaking the message, speaking out loud to whoever would hear it in his military uniform and anonymous mask. I wore my Marine uniform illustrating where I came from and I am still out here.   I was waiting for this to happen, for people to come together, So I came to Zuccotti. Everyone on the same path, financial, market issues, disagreements, involvement with international relationships.  Zuccotti was an alternative source of information, sharing of information, with love, people started to realize everythings fucked up and people were coming together. I went from shy and timid to walking around on the subways and talking to people for months. A profound experience.

While I was out there problems I saw, people eating out to the garbage cans. I got to go out to the farm,to find a way to feed people, keep people together, grow our own food. It was always the next step in my mind. Eventually the opportunity came about to work on the next step, farming, growing our own food, working together.

To me the park was a growing experience a way for a lot of people to get together and communicate. Everyone wanted to change the world for the better. A lot of it was protesting, speaking out, spreading awareness. I disagree with yelling, hate, aggression, towards the police.

Jose was in the park from the first time I got there until we no longer had the park, I saw him all winter, working on outreach around wall street and on the subways, once Trinity started he was there at Occupy Trinity in the beginning and soon after Trinity started is when he went to the farm and there he stayed.

Along with taking it to the next step for him at the farm it was also a little bit of burn out, tired of police harassment and arrests.

Along with working on the farm Jose also started studying the legal process, understanding roles in contract. ” I really wanted to know what was going on in the court”.

Forever evolving for everyone who experienced it

So Jose came, heard the call and came to Zuccotti, did not give up, stayed, evolving along the way and eventually finding himself at the farm, building a community, learning to farm, live sustainably, finding work doing what he is interested in and wants to learn more about. He works on another organic farm in town where he is learning just what it takes to grow all your own food and in his spare time studying the legal process, which I can’t even understand hearing him try to explain it to me, it just sounds like a foreign language.

Everyone still finding their piece of the puzzle in this movement

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