Zuccotti Park was the scene of a rally on Saturday, June 22, in solidarity with the protests in Turkey, Greece and Brazil. There have been ongoing rallies in support of the Turkish uprising at Zuccotti Park or Union Square every day for the past few weeks. About two weeks ago the Greek contingent joined their Turk comrades. Now, the Brazilian community has come out to join them. Around the world more and more people are rising up. There are mass protests in a growing number of countries, from Italy to El Salvador, from France to Ecuador, from Bulgaria to Mexico people are no longer remaining silent. Now is the time, yo. Stop watching TV, get off your couch, get into the streets and take control of your future before it is too late. Fight back against the people destroying the ecology of the world because they are eradicating everyone’s abundance, health and happiness.

Remember, this is supposed to be the land of the free and home of the brave — act like it, yo. Zuccotti Park is filling up with protestors from around the world . . . where are you, and why? It is all well and good to rally in support of the people rising up around the world, but when are you going to rise up?

Occupy Wall Street, the hard-grounder version, has been in the park every day since June 1st. The (re)Occupation continues even as the fair-weather activists continue to meet at the local bar, fueling their denial of the principles of OWS with alcohol. Don’t be fooled — the real Occupiers are in the park at the Info Station, the Screen-printing Station, the People’s Library, the Medic station and more. The real Occupy Wall Street can be seen dumpstering supper in the evening and making cardboard beds in the night all around Wall Street — the center of the occupation. The real Occupy Wall Street can be seen wakingOccupy Wall Street is home in the park expressing their solidarity with the peoples of the world who are rising up. We are still here! Just sayin’.


Rain, Katrina O., & Jordan in the foreground left, Matt of Stop Motion Solo in the center midground


Brookfield Security — they don’t like Occupy Wall Street.


Rain & Katrina O., of Occupy Bus Tour, Occupy Deland (Florida), Occupy Wall Street and many more Occupations up and down the East Coast


Expressions of solidarity can only come about if the people can assemble freely in parks.


Security . . . I wish they’d have some smoothies and chill out. This event was very sedate and peaceful.


The Unions have always maintained a presence at the New York City Occupations.






Greek and Turkish supporters together!


The uprisings around the globe will fill Zuccotti Park with people demanding massive change now


Anonymous comes in all colors.


Brazil, Greece, and Turkey united with Occupy Wall Street!


The Voice of The People.




The Occupy Bus Tour Info Station in Liberty Park (aka Zuccotti Park), maintained by Rain & Katrina O..


Occupiers all around — how many do you know?


Captain and Mariya at the Medic Station


Jerry in the center, Jordan and Star to the left, I.B. to the right, the multi-country protest all around


Yes, it is!

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