After our last attempt failed, fix #278 Dr. Dave told us to meet him in North East Pennsylvania. We were in New Haven at the time so not to far away, we had just enough money for the diesel to get there and we hoped it would be fixed after that so we were on our way, leaving a few days to get there not knowing how long it would take Godzilla, we never knew what to expect.

We left New Haven we drove for a couple of hours and stopped to find diesel but we were in the middle of no where and the station was closed so we decided to stop for the night. We slept in the parking lot, woke up, made coffee, had breakfast, Ed ran a new line for the veggie to see if it would help. The store employee came out to talk to us and we told him what we were doing and that we would be leaving but we were moving slow, he seemed fine but soon after a cop shows up and after checking a few id’s we were on our way. I bought diesel on our way out and still the veggie oil worked no better so it was diesel all the way until we saw Dr. Dave

We drove to Delaware water gap national park and slept there. I fell asleep to the sound of the waterfall. The next day we spent wandering the trails, seeing the waterfalls and a few caves, searching for more.


on the trails


The bus parked at the Delaware river gap


the opening to a cave we found


from inside the cave


Katrina on the occupy bus tour for a stay in front of the waterfall


me and felix


Rain and Felix looking for a way across the water. Felix and Rain also on the occupy bus tour for a stay. 5 of us in all


Felix getting ready to cross the river


Rain getting across the river. They went exploring for more caves on the other side


The Delaware river gap was such a beautiful place. Much different from only a few miles away where there was a Wal-Mart and a Lowes surrounded by other stores and the Lowe’s parking lot is where we ended up meeting Dr. Dave the next day.


Dr. Dave checking everything out


outside and inside, trying to figure out exactly what the problem is




looking for air bubbles


spending the day on the bus at Lowes, while Dr. Dave works on the bus


So what ended up happening was that everything was checked out and looked good, it should have been working but it still wasn’t. We spent the day with Dr. Dave at times hanging off the front of the bus and me driving it as fast as I could in the parking lot until it died and then him jumping underneath the car to see what he could see.

He ended up replacing the valve and running another fuel line after checking every other possibility first and that seemed to fix the problem. So now we call Dr. Dave, the Anne Sullivan of veggie oil system’s, in other words, the miracle worker


So we were on our way, back to the city and beyond, now that the veggie oil system is working reliably, we can go anywhere.

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