Sitting atop the slope that is Wall Street is a 50-story, white limestone, art deco skyscraper that is the global headquarters of BNY-Mellon, an investment bank.

“Every day, every time a state pension fund traded, the bank would steal approximately three tenths of one percent from every transaction.  As an example, every time a pension fund bought a currency what the Bank of New York would do is look back twenty hours and assign all of the state pension funds purchase transactions at the high of the day.

 Every time a state pension fund tried to sell a currency they would assign them a price at the lows of the day and the bank would pocket the difference.  The bank has done this for not years, but for decades, every business day for decades.  This bank didn’t learn to steal just ten years ago, they’ve been doing it for many decades.” -Harry Markopolos, Whistleblower

BNY-Mellon stole billions of dollars. At the end of the court case they were forced to pay the whistleblowers 1.1 million dollars, and promise to be honest with their dealings regarding state pension plans. Nobody went to jail. None of the money was repaid — even though BNY-Mellon can well afford to re-pay all of the stolen money.

It was as if you stole several thousand dollars from a friend, another friend told on you, you gave that friend a dollar and ten cents, and then everything was hunky-dory. They couldn’t have made more money legally. That kind of justice is telling BNY-Mellon that they did a good job and they should do it again.

The Occupy Bus Tour is back in New York City and we wanted to stream Jenna Pope’s talk on her trip to Gezi Park live from Liberty Park. Those videos are here :,, and


Jenna Pope presenting her talk on Gezi Park and Turkey in Liberty Park (aka Zuccotti Park)

After the talk, when half the crowd went to the Blarney Stone, and half the crowd stayed in the park, I went over to 1 Wall Street to occupy Wall Street for the night. Up to this point in time nobody has been able to stay on that sidewalk for the entire night. I ended up staying all night and all day. It simply was a matter of having the will to exercise my unalienable rights.

But before I occupied 1 Wall Street, I went down to the corner of Broad and Wall, where the New York Stock Exchange sits, and did a short standing-man protest — bearing witness to the crimes of greed perpetrated within the confines of that building that have devastated the ecology of the world.


Standing-Man protest outside the New York Stock Exchange

Parts of my time occupying 1 Wall Street was streamed live also, and starts here There are 18 videos to the BNY-Mellon Protest, too many to list here. They are all on my Hard-Grounder Ustream channel.

My occupation protest at 1 Wall Street, and Stacey’s occupation protest at 2 Wall Street (TD Bank, largest funder of the KXL Pipeline), demonstrated that we can, and should be, protesting on Wall Street. We can, and should be, occupying Wall Street. The daily crowds of workers and the steady stream of tourists by the thousands mean our message can go far and wide around the world. Our presence reminds the executives of their crimes, and bolsters the confidence of the workers to blow the whistle on their corrupt bosses. There is no reason not to be occupying Wall Street if one calls oneself a member of Occupy Wall Street.

Of course, security for the bank tried to evict me. But since I know my rights I can exercise them to the fullest — and I did. You can too. It really is painless, and a lot of fun!

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