spread seeds

spread seeds

Godzilla with the barn in the background

Godzilla with the barn in the background

So we went from the city to the farm. We took a few people aboard and head out towards the farm connecting with those living there, getting a few days to breathe fresh air, breathe free, and see tall mountains of nature instead of the tall mountains of man.

Who’s on the bus this trip





felix and laura

Felix and Laura



We planned a short tour for the occupy bus tour. 3 destinations, Arc 38, Albany, and Ithaca. Albany for a protest at the capital to get money out of politics, Ithaca to meet the medics roadshow bus, but we only made it as far as the farm. On the trip to the farm we had to drive just about the whole way on diesel, every time we switched it to veggie it would stall within a few minutes, a problem we have been trying to figure out the solution to since a week after driving back from Ashville where we picked up the bus after being converted. If the veggie oil wasn’t working we couldn’t go any further only having enough money for diesel to get back to the city so here we would stay for a few days, plenty of time to take in the farm and work on the veggie system trying to get to get the bus to run on it.

There are 3 main points of connection at the farm, the creek, the barn, and the mountain. I spent time everyday in each, cooling off, listening to the quiet, cooking and washing dishes for all the people here.

The farm is coming along, lots of projects always in progress at various stages, this visit they are working on water, digging a trench, putting a shower in the silo, finally the farm has water and we don’t have to go across the street to fill up. A lot easier to wash dishes and a shower to use with hot water, they are looking forward to the projects completion.

water, hot water heater and shower in cilo, a work in progress, soon to be completed

water, hot water heater and shower in silo, a work in progress, soon to be completed

Lots of seeds planted in the fields. Beans and beets, greens, tomatoes, potatoes, garlic, onions. Every day people working in the fields, preparing the soil, planting, weeding.


tall garlic

tall garlic

115 116

all in rows

all in rows

tomato plants

tomato plants

147 153 151

collecting wild herbs before weed wacking

collecting wild herbs before weed whacking


jose weed wacking

Jose weed whacking

collecting dandilions

collecting dandelions

micheal showing me the greenhouse

Micheal showing me the greenhouse


jobs listed

jobs listed


All the people staying long term on the farm meet to keep lines of communication open and also to organize the day, they came up with different positions according to what needs to be done in a day to maintain it all.They are working on jobs, everyone will have to claim one, they can pick which, to dedicate at least 16 hours a week to that job, positions such as compost keeper, kitchen keeper, garden keeper, the animal caregiver, the keeper of the grounds or someone can pay $50 a week to stay and then that will help with electric and other expenses.  It’s all a work in progress, an experiment, to see how far we can go, how much we can work together to build this new community, everyone taking a piece so together they are whole.

Faces of the farm



captured from above

captured from above















Zuccotti park rules

Zuccotti park rules

where the wild things are

where the wild things are


Thoren lived on the farm last summer, Now Thoren and Bev live about 20 minutes away from the farm and come to visit, still supporting its efforts however they can. He helped us with our veggie oil system. He worked on it and we got all the air bubbles out taking 2 test runs with Godzilla working perfectly.

Thoren taking out the second pump

Thoren taking out the second pump

Thoren and Ed chasing bubbles

Thoren and Ed chasing bubbles

We headed back to the city thinking we might have fixed it, but after the first 50 miles of the trip all the problems started up again so, so much for that, back to square 1 again, the veggie oil system still stalling from air in the lines so we drove the rest of the way to the city on diesel once again.

Our farm family

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