mutual aid charging station and info set up at the bus


We were parked at Von King Park for the day. It was Saturday and on Saturday Long Island food not bombs is here, handing out groceries which would otherwise end up in a landfill somewhere, but here they will hand out food to 50 or more people waiting in line, sometimes patiently sometimes not. I would be in line waiting my turn while Durty volunteered helping to manage the lines and organize and hand out the food. So while we were here we might as well put up the occupy flag and since we have solar power in our bus we put out an outlet and offered a charging station, we also had out our occucards and other info we have been collecting. A great way to let people know what we are doing, hand out info, talk to people who walk by curiously looking. So Ed stayed at the bus. Von King park is also where the free store takes place on Fridays, both Friday and Saturday here there is mutual aid going on, sharing food, clothes, housewares, bicycle repairs, info, gathering together in community.

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It’s easy enough for us to occupy space, put up the occupy flag, some signs, info, a bucket to sit on a crate to place the charging station on and the info in and we are all set and when the day is done we put it all inside and drive away, to a new spot where we can occupy.

People power is how we get by, if you can give a donation click on the link below, anything and everything helps