WiFi access is very spotty, this computer is being recalcitrant and these websites seem to be blocking access so this will be short on words.

We rolled into the Financial District last night, and when we stepped off the bus we were greeted by the Occupiers sleeping in protest outside Trinity Wall Street Church. It was a happy homecoming! Laura and JuJu joined the Occupiers outside Trinity, Stacey set up her protest at the TD Bank at 2 Wall Street, Dré headed out to Staten Island, and Felix & I guarded the bus and took turns wandering about until 5 am.

The NYPD came down to hassle the Occupiers outside Trinity at 6 am (standard operating procedure for harassment from the days of the occupation at Trinity), but left within minutes. Their job was done — they just wanted to wake people up and aggravate them. The NYPD tried to issue unlawful orders such as “You can’t sleep here.” “You can’t sit here.” “You can’t have food.” “You can’t put signs on the ground.” “You can’t chalk the sidewalk.” etc., etc., etc.

Our response was mostly to chuckle and say, “No. We can do this. It is within our rights. You know that. We’ve been through all this before.”

Remember how to say “No.” to unlawful orders. Only you can protect your rights, and the only way to protect your rights is to use them. Remember also how solidarity works. Do not let any of your comrades face the NYPD alone. The NYPD are cowards. They will harass a lone person mercilessly, but will back down in the face of a group of people standing firm. It is a question of freedom. Are you free? If yes, then act like it. Do not let the corrupted authorities order you to voluntarily give up your unalieanable rights. They are the criminals, not you. Act like it!

More and more people are coming down to Liberty Park (aka Zuccotti Park). We expect a large turnout. Forget the drama involved with the organization of this action — all that matters is what you do when you get here. Occupy! This is all up to us. All the organizers did was set a date. The rest is up to us. It is our responsibility and to our credit what we do. We can do this. Some of us have never left — more than a year and a half under attack on the front lines of Wall Street and we are still here. We can fucking do this, yo! As I write this I can hear the chants and shouts of solidarity and power from Liberty Park echoing down to 100 Broadway where I am. It is beautiful!

It feels GOOD to be home again! Wall Street is War Street! This is what democracy looks like!

There will be a march at noon in solidarity with the people of Turkey against the brutal crackdown on protesters there. The march will leave from Liberty Park just like in the ‘old days’. Stacey will be live on her Ustream channel ( http://www.ustream.tv/channel/piecefulwarrior ) covering the march. There are plans for more. Don’t miss this. Come on down and change the world. Occupy public space with us. We will be sleeping and protesting outside all the banks around Wall Street, and at Trinity Wall Street Church — the Temple of Wall Street Greed. Come on down and help protest the banks and the psychopaths running them who are stealing the wealth of this planet for their own greedy, narcissistic desires. There will be occupations outside of the banks with Liberty Park being the central hub and meeting place.

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More photos coming soon, and videos — as soon as I can get past this seemingly intentional interference with my internet connection and posting abilities (both Facebook and WordPress have stopped posts from appearing). Hey, Anonymous . . . keep the NYPD off our internet-back so we can get the word out! Thank you!

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