We saw Stephen while we were spanging at Grand Central Station, knowing him from Zuccotti, he was one of the librarians, and him knowing we were somewhat on the streets he offered us a shower at his apartment so a few days later there we were heading to his apartment to take him up on his offer and while we were there we saw/he talked about how he was renovating the space and so we offered to help hom. he offered us dumpstered bagels and we used some Dr. Bronners soap he dumpstered from Trader Joes. He is a writer and was living in a basementĀ  apartment of someone who was supporting hin in his efforts by giving him the space to live and work in W/O payment, at least for a while.


dumpstered Dr. Bronners

dumpstered Dr. Bronners


Stephen has an outdoor space in the back where there are trees and chickens, in the city you are allowed so many chickens, also plants he dumpstered from the floral district, some of them replanted come back, and some don’t.


A backyard filled with dumpstered plants


and 2 chickens


chicken coop

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We went back for another shower and laundry and to help Stephen scrape the walls and install a sink. People helping people in all ways they can W/O $ this is mutual aid to me. offering your skills/teaching others your skills. offering what you have sharing it with others. Sharing your resources and people sharing theirs and in this everyone has what they need and grows together in community.

Charlie and his family showed us mutual aid in the way that they helped us by offering a space in their driveway a place in their home and Charlie helped teach, gave us his tools to use. We had nothing to really offer them to make it mutual except the hope that we will then go on and offer help to people who can not or do not have anything to offer us in return. We can’t do it without each other, it takes a village.

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