Union Square 1pm. I got there at about 1230 and a group was starting to come together. It wasn’t as big as I wanted it to be. It was a little dreary, supposed to rain, a little chilly, but it wasn’t raining at the moment just cloudy starting to look like it might clear up, might not rain anyway. I was starving so I walked to the farmers market also at Union Square to get something to eat, and if you’re not aware you can use food stamps at all the NYC farmers markets. It’s a good way to eat organic and local and stay away from GMO’s, just be aware because there are only a couple of organic stands at the farmers markets, ask questions, see if they grow conventional, organic or somewhere in between.

When I came back more and more people started to sprinkle in

These are just some of the signs I saw, so many people all different ages, all different nationalities coming together on this day all across America, all across the world to say no to GMO to demand labelling so we know what is in our food to stop Monsanto’s poison from destroying all the soil, all the seeds, all life

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Not just for grown ups, little kids of all ages came to make a statement, they don’t want GMO’s in their food, who would want their poison if we just all knew it was poison. This march will hopefully get more people to become aware, organize, agitate, educate, this must be our war cry.

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Wake up is right. When we have one company Monsanto poisoning our food and other corporations building pipelines, tar sands, and fracking and destroying our water, what will we eat and drink? We all need food and water, WAKE UP!

and the occupy wall street screenprinters came out to union square with some new screens just for the occasion, they came with pre screened bags and shirts and patches and also set up to make more

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The anonymous street medics, 3 street medics in a row wearing black masks, they were being risky and dangerous ; ) I’m not sure how I feel about Anonymous medics, but they looked great

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All my favorite occupy wall street musicians came out, the guitarmy, the drummers and others

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and the band played on


The people’s puppets of occupy wall street with their tomato heads

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and the march starts, we were marching to Washington square park for teach-ins and food, we marched around union square first then moved on down the sidewalk towards Washington square. The march stretched so far it was broken up into about 6 or 7 different groups as we got closer to Washington square, we all got there though



The march stretched for blocks, the park already filling up and the march still coming and coming

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the crowd as we enter Washington Square


A demand


signs on umbrellas


hands off corn


the people’s puppets of occupy wall street


Long Island Food Not Bombs serving food at Washington Square


decorating the sidewalks


Screenprinters met us at Washington Square

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The sign that sums it up for me. Although magical and inspiring these marches also depress me because everyone or most go home thinking they actually did something towards changing things and this might be the only thing they do, it might stop there and in order to really change things we need to be persistent, we need to resist the system, we need to keep on pushing the issue and do things other than march, we need to put our bodies in the gears of the machine to stop it and Monsanto needs to be stopped, that’s just my opinion but I’m not the only one.

Thousands of people marched in NYC just as thousands of people marched in different cities all over the country, the world. I remember 2 years ago walking to Foley square while Zuccotti park was occupied to go to a millions against Monsanto rally and there were only about 20 people at the one in NYC, they were also all over the country, but now it has gone from 20 people to 2500 people rallying and marching against Monsanto and GMO foods. It’s a start and now the ripples will extend much further so next time we will see what we can do and until then I will label food GMO whenever I am in a grocery store and try to spread awareness and inspire others to do the same. Seeds have spread wild.

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