This week was Goldman Sachs annual shareholders meeting so we knew we wanted to do something to protest to make a statement saying we still are here, we have not forgot, we will not be silent, we will be here out in the open in the face of the places we are trying to change. So we planned a sleepful protest back at the occupy Goldman Sachs sight. Right on the corner, around the corner from where the CEO of Goldman Sachs lives because the people who have helped create these injustices, this economic downfall, they have names and they have addresses. For two nights before the annual shareholders meeting we slept on 61st and Broadway behind the Trump tower, by Columbus circle and central park. This is where Lloyd lives, in the most expensive apartment building in the city of NY.

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The one police car watching, and not even

The one police car watching, and not even

Occupy Goldman Sachs was right here in this spot last summer into fall so we paid a visit to the old home to remind. It was only a few of us but as the saying goes a small group of dedicated people can change the world in fact it’s the only thing that ever has. That 1st night there we were woken up and harassed a bit by police who told us we couldn’t sleep here, yes we can, we couldn’t use sleeping bags, yes we can, you can’t sit on the sidewalk, yes we can, you can’t sleep, yes we can, and we held firm our ground, literally, informed them of the law over and over, yes we can be here we are having a sleepful protest we can take up to 50% of the sidewalk, we can have signs, we can have sleeping bags, we can sleep, we can sit, and eventually they got the point that we were going to stay, we were not intimidated, we knew our rights, we knew the federal supreme court case won and so they left but not before arresting David who came up on his bike to check on us and was filming the police while they were harassing us he was told to stop, he didn’t, he was told to show ID, he didn’t, he was told to stop lighting his cigarette, he went to light it again and then cuff him was said and cuff him they did for what they would have to figure that our later and he was taken away with his computer and bicycle, but after that they left us alone and we woke up and occupied all day, someone always there and then night came again and again we slept and the 2nd night the police barely paid any notice to us. So we slept without interruption and talked to many people about why we were there, them stopping, and curious, talking to us.

Organize, Agitate, Educate must be our war cry and I agree so occupying to me is agitating and is necessary, then people know we have not gone away, we are still here, fighting for change in this system. All the destruction Goldman Sachs has helped create following laws they made to benefit them, while people trying to change things are arrested every day for standing in a certain spot, holding a certain sign, speaking their certain mind, not moving, not staying silent while corruption becomes legal and protesting against it becomes a crime whole destruction becomes legal but speaking out against it becomes a crime, we shall not be moved.

Thursday upon waking up, someone left $3 on my sleeping bag in the night so I bought coffee for the 3 of us who were there then we worked our way to Goldman Sachs headquarters to protest on this day, their shareholders meeting and they were ready for us. Cops and Goldman Sachs cronies standing side by side to protect the building if we made a move to enter. Seeing them stand side by side is such a clear visual of who is protecting who. About 25-30 people came out in all.

Brandworkers were there and they had this flyer to hand out to the passerby’s

Alicia Glen at Goldman Sachs has struck a deal with Bloomberg’s NYC Economic Development Corporation on a multi-million dollar subsidized loan program for NYC food manufacturers. While this “Food Manufacturers Growth Fund” could help boost the economy, supply healthy food, and provide good quality jobs, the catch is there’s no guarantee of what kind of companies will receive our money, since both Goldman Sachs and the City are refusing to publicly disclose the backgrounds of loan applicants. Now companies that cheat on taxes, illegal wages, and process our food in unsanitary and unsafe conditions are eligible to benefit from our hard-earned tax dollars. An easy, transparent, spending process will help us prevent this from happening.

Tell Alicia Glen to adopt transparency in the loan process for good food and safe jobs!

No Tax Money for food sweatshops



The mixed guards outside Goldman Sachs headquarters




Nice visual of who’s protecting who

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No arrests just the mixed guards standing all along the entrance to the building watching us hand out info to passerby’s. The only bit of conflict was when we tried entering to deliver a petition and of course we didn’t make it a step before we were pushed back. We stayed in front of the building for a few hours and then ended and everyone went their separate ways chanting we’ll be back, we’ll be back, we’ll be back as we walked away.


lollipop cop makes an appearance

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