Friday night to Sunday we can park in the financial district so we did. We started out on pine street 1 block down from wall st late Friday night but then moved onto Broadway across from Trinity Church. Ed slept out in front of Trinity with Appolo and me and Laura slept in the bus right across the street. This would be our home base for a few days, back home except this time when it rained all day Saturday and Sunday we were not stuck out in it, we were nice and dry and warm in our bus drinking coffee and we had many visitors since we were right there just a stones throw from wall street and Trinity. Saturday night we moved to the other side of the street on Broadway so we could be even closer to Trinity, just a few feet away from where we all slept all summer long and into the fall. The weather is starting to get warmer and the wandering zuccotti’s are starting to wander back to their land, so we will stay a while and plan on being parked somewhere around Wall street and Trinity on the weekends when we can so come and say hi.

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