I’ve always wanted to get involved with the occupy wall street puppets, but I’ve never made the time, until now. It seemed a perfect time to help since this night they would be working on things for the March Against Monsanto this Saturday. Monsanto is such a strong issue to me that I feel very passionate about, I want to do all I can in all areas to help make this march a success. So we made our way to Dumbo Brooklyn where the studio was and met them to make props.

the beginings of a page in the storybook they are creating for Saturday

the beginnings of a page in the storybook they are creating for Saturday




making vegetables with beans in the middle so you can shake them


The page is coming along, I also helped with the painting of the DNA tree


Another page in the storybook, the monopoly man


dying foam to make the cornucopia


eggplants, radishes, carrots, lettuce

I had a great time creating props for the Monsanto March this Saturday, getting to spend some time with my friends and meet new ones, which I was already friends with on facebook but didn’t ever really connect them in “real life”. It was nice being able to put the facebook profile with the real live person. I look  forward to spending more time helping with puppets, I think it is so important for this movement to be fueled by art and creativity as one of the pieces in the puzzle. The visual display of our message. This Saturday the message will be a world with healthy food to eat for all, and a story of how a corporation and it’s power can corrupt.


If you like what we are doing consider making a donation to the occupy bus tour. Click on the link below.