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I walked into whole foods at Union Square to go shopping but also to label GMO foods. One of the answers I see is if the government won’t label GMO food if they won’t stop it won’t regulate it then we the people have to take it in our own hands so one way I can is by labeling it myself. I know there’s the label it yourself campaign already and they have stickers you can print out but I made my own stickers and I use them to label the food on the shelves. I’m very careful to read the labels. I look for soy, sugar, canola, or corn ingredients which are not organic and I look to make sure it does not say anywhere that the food is GMO free. When I am sure it is GMO I label it. As many stickers as I can grab I keep on labeling cereal, crackers, canned food, cookies, cakes, drinks.

caution This food contains GMO’s

Label it yourself, let the public know

Organize, Agitate, Educate

I am labeling foods all across America, wherever I may travel to try to bring awareness of what is happening to our food, can you help with a donation for a good cause and a group of people willing to put all their time and energy in trying to change this system which only works for the few at the top. Click the link below, any and all amounts are greatly appreciated