Wednesday was the annual shareholders meeting for BOA. Actions were planned all over the US. There was a protest scheduled for Wednesday in front of the towers across the street from Bryant Park in NYC, 12-5, but some of us wanted to start early, we planned a sleepful protest in front of the towers Tuesday night, the night before the shareholders meeting.

Why were we sleeping in front of BOA to protest, because for me nothing has changed, they are still being bailed out, the bank too big to fail, the foreclosure corruption did not end with people being held accountable, in jail, where they put us for holding cardboard signs, still they pay little if any taxes, although BOA is a corporation and although they are considered people you cannot arrest them, the people making the decisions do have names and they do have addresses and they should be held accountable so this is why I sleep in front of the NYC headquarters.

To agitate, to say we have not forgotten, nothing has changed and we are still mad, and we will not be silent

so we met at Bryant Park and made signs

so we met at Bryant Park and made signs

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This was our sign material and also our bedding material

This was our sign material and also our bedding material


When we were ready we walked across the street and picked a spot on what we knew to be public property and set our stuff down our signs up and planned to spend the night and it didn’t take long for the police to show up to see what we were up to and we went back and forth a bit with the law, of course at first seeing if we would buy that we couldn’t sleep there but of course we knew we could and then mentioning homeless outreach but we knew about them too and we knew we could sleep, I mean it’s called a sleepful protest and we also knew we had to hold the signs although I still don’t buy that that is a law that you have to hold your property but we know we risk losing it and being arrested anyway for that so we worked out all the rules of engagement and then the police left and they left us alone.


what it looked like before they told us to hold our signs

what it looked like before they told us to hold our signs.

view from my sleeping place

view from my sleeping place


We made it there until it was raining so hard we just had to move under scaffolding, a few minutes after we moved it started to pour and it didn’t look like we were going to get back in front of BOA, it was nearly 4am and we all fell asleep being slightly dripped on and waking up I looked around to see everything wet all around me and all around everyone else, but luckily everyone’s stuff stayed somewhat dry and I shook off my sleeping bag and we all packed up and went to McDonald’s for coffee and waiting till noon

We never made it to the afternoon protest, well at least me, Durty, and Jorge. Jorge had fallen on or off of his skateboard the night before and he thought he just sprained his arm but now he was thinking it might be broken so we walked him to the hospital. We ended up at Bellevue after going to NYU and in explaining the situation to the security guard she said oh no this hospital is private, they’re all about profit you will have to go to Bellevue and luckily it was right next door and 6 hours later Jorge came out to the waiting room and it was broken, so we missed the protest but we got to help a friend

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