thermostat housing jbwelded

thermostat housing jbwelded

After we finally saw the problem, the thermostat housing finally cracked under the pressure of us taking it off and on and back off and on again re gasketing it to try to stop the leak we tried jbweld to see if that would do the job of putting the pieces back together.

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We let it dry overnight and put it all back together again the next day, but when the bolts were tightened it once again cracked under pressure so we knew we needed to go to the next step of getting a new part. The part new was over $200 and would have to be delivered which would mean waiting 4 or 5 days for it to come so before we ordered it I went on-line looking for junk yards on long Island and started calling them one by one. I called at least 50 before I found one that said they had some, bring the part with us so we made sure we got the right one.

So the next day we took a trip down to the junkyard with our broken part in hand and hoped they were right and they were. They took the broken part to the back and came out with 2. So for $40 we got our new part and then searched for gaskets once again all the way home and when we got back we had everything we needed to put everything back together and this time we hoped we wouldn’t have to take anything apart again and finally we didn’t. We started up the bus, No Water, yeah we would soon be on our way, we could see the end of the road for this chapter anyway.

Godzilla is put back together again and running better than ever, we figured it out, we worked together


So look for us on May Day in NYC. As for me I will be joining in on everything guitarmy ; )

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